What to bring to the ECWF Cape Cod

What to bring, what to bring? Hmmm….. There's always that last minute decision and usually the answer is, "I'm never gonna need that." Usually it's right before you get to the beach and need exactly the thing you decided wasn't worth the extra 30 seconds to throw in the car.


1) It's simple for gear. Bring EVERYTHING!!!! From your 3.2 meter sail and 72 ltr board all the way up to your 12 meter sail and 280 ltr board. You never know!! If you've got a paddle board, bring that too!!!! In the case of unsailable light winds, the SUP races go over huge!


2) Windsurf booties. Kalmus has a few hidden hazards that have broken toes, and sharp shells that have caused deep cuts. We strongly recommend that all competitors where booties.


3) Food! There's no eating establishment open at Kalmus. So bring a cooler with plenty of water, food and anything else you'll need to hold you over through the day. We plan to take a break for lunch, but who really wants to change out of a wetsuit, drive into town, find food, eat in a rush, drive back, and change back into a wet wetsuit?


4) Sunscreen! Bring it, wear it, don't fry!


5) Rigging jackets. We will have some breaks between heats, and it can quickly get cold if you stand around in a wetsuit. A neoprene rigging jacket or something similar than you can just put over your wetsuit can make things much more comfortable.


6) Bring every smiling face you see! If you can't find one, bring them anyway. They will be smiling when they get to the beach. So be sure and bring the family.