Where to stay for the ECWF Cape Cod

Hyannis has many hotels and motels to choose from, and finding a room after Labor Day is usually no problem. However, the middle of September is still quite busy on Cape Cod, and some hotels are already booked for ECWF weekend, so you may want to book a room soon.

If you like to camp, the beautiful Nickerson State Park is a 35 minute drive away. Reservations can be made on through Reserve America.


For anyone looking for ideas, here are a few hotels that we or others have stayed in the past:

Hotel Rating Comments
Hyannis Travel Inn

3.7 H

4.0 T

Reasonable price, close to main street and Kalmus. Breakfast at the pool. Good reviews. About $100.
Captain Gosnold Village

4.5 T

Very close to Kalmus, a bit further to Main Street. Cottages and rooms with kitchenettes. Very good reviews. About $100.
Cape Cod Inn

3.6 H

3.4 T

Right in the middle of Main Street. About $120.
TideWater Inn

3.7 H

4.0 T

In Yarmouth (about 10 min by car to Main Street). About $90.There are many other cheap motels in this area.
Bayside Resort Hotel

4.2 H

4.5 T

In Yarmouth (about 10 min by car to Main Street). Very good reviews. About $140.
Hyannis Harbor Hotel

3.5 H

3.0 T

Between Kalmus and Main Street. Big. Parking may cost extra. Has some poor reviews, but our stay was ok. About $180.


Ratings are from hotels.com (H) and Tripadvisor.com (T); the best possible rating is 5.0. There are plenty more choices in the area, with prices from $60 to $400+ per night.